The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.


Entrepreneurs Investing in Entrepreneurs.

We are serial entrepreneurs on a mission to invest and support fellow entrepreneurs to build kick-ass businesses and to contribute to the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of humanity. 


We closely collaborate with top-tier angel investors and VCs to support our portfolio companies.

Venture creation

Work with, and finance entrepreneur(s) in residence to build new ventures from ideation through growth to exit.


Angel investment

In selected startups, entrepreneurs, and brave ideas.


of experience


invested & mentored




and high hit rate

Rafi Gidron

Lead by Dr. Rafi Gidron

Rafi Gidron is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, co-founder and board member in many startups including Chromatis, E-toro, Zoomd, BiomX, BitDam, Scorpio, ArtAi, Worthy, Nanofabrica, Semperis, Vibrant, Voyage 81, Xperiti, and many others.


He is most known for founding and managing Chromatis - an Israeli Unicorn.


He has also co-founded two non-profit national initiatives under the auspices of the late President Shimon Peres: Israel Brain Technologies and a Nanotechnology Initiative.


We Created.


We Invested in.

Hi Rafi, the deal was signed last night. I would love to meet when convenient to say thanks in person, but till then just wanted to thank you, great interaction all along the way, what a professional you are. hope to do things with you in the future 


Jon Donner, CEO


Our Team.


Julian Gidron

Julian Gidron is an entrepreneur and angel investor specializing in fintech, marketing, and alternative investments.


He holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Pace University and has treated patients with PTSD in the Neuropsychiatric Facility of New York.

In addition, Julian also serves as the CEO and co-founder of SharpX - a digital platform that allows retail investors to access the most exclusive global alternative investment funds.

Yoav Yanai

Yoav Yanai is an Associate. He sources and evaluates new investment opportunities and conducts market analysis on hot technological trends. Yoav specialized in business development, financial projections, and operational supports.


In addition, Yoav served as an officer in Unit 8200. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, and Law (PPE) from Tel Aviv University and is an MBA candidate at London Business School.

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